Upper Sto:lo Fraser Valley Plant Gathering

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Upper Sto:lo Plant Gathering

This booklet is a part of the grade 4 Sto:lo Sitel Curriculum Food Unit.  The Upper Sto:lo people used many wild plants.  They steamed some in underground pits;  they boiled them in soups, and some were made into teas.  Berries were eaten fresh or made into dried cakes and Indian Ice cream.  During spring, summer and autumn, women picked plants in the forest, meadows, and marshes.  They knew which parts to use and how to prepare them for storage or for eating.  Enough plants were picked to store for winter.  The book includes root vegetables, green vegetables, wild berries, wild fruit, Indian tea and wild honey.  The book also includes a short story which tells of how plants were steamed long ago.  This book is 44 pages 
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