Offering 'Bad Rock" Place Names tour (Chilliwack to Hope, through to Yale and return)

Enjoy the majestic mountains and waterways of the Upper Fraser Valley on a tour departing from Chilliwack destined for the scenic Fraser Canyon above historic Yale B.C. Listen and learn about the unique relationship between the Stó:lō, “the River People”, their land and their environment.

Special stops of interests may include the fishing rock known as Kw’ik-w’iyá:la (Coquihalla); the pool of origin for the sacred sxwó:yxwey mask; hear about the s’ó:lmexw or “waterbabies” and the mimestíyexw or the “little people” of the forest; see the remains of a sqémél (pithouse: or in Chinook “keekwillie”) last used in the 1880’s; and see where Xexá:ls the transformers left scratch marks at a place where he did battle with Xéylxe-lamós, an Indian Doctor; hear about the stl’áleqem or spiritual beings. Learn up to 120 Halq’méylem place names including the original names of Lhílheqey for Mt. Cheam, Ts’qó:ls for Hope, Xwoxwelá:lhp for Yale, and Xéylxelamós for Lady Franklin Rock, and many other Halq’eméylem Place Names.

Bad Rock Road Tour Itinerary Options
Full Day: Begins at 9:00 am and runs for the full day to 4:00 pm with stops of interest and lunch break. Travel from: Chilliwack (SRC) up the valley to Tomtomiyeqw Lookout, Thunderbird Mountain, Kawakawa Lake, Coquihalla Fishing Rock, Telte-Yet Pithouse then through to the Lady Franklin Rock (Bad Rock) in Yale.

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July14, 2018
August 11, 2018

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