Sequoia Tea Tree Mint Face Scrub -5oz

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 Tea Tree Essential Oil is known for its antibacterial and antiviral properties. This is great for acne prone skin. The Peppermint Essential Oil adds a bit of a cooling effect which relieves inflamed skin. Even for normal skin, this is a great way to freshen up for the day.

Gentle enough for everyday use. This face scrub will give you a healthy glow be encouraging cell renewal. Sequoia's Face Scrub ingredients are actually edible and without preservatives.

• smooths and refines skin
• removes dead skin cells
• made with organic olive oil and pure cane sugar
• 100% edible ingredients
• 99% natural ingredients

| Marissa

Loved this face scrub. It was a very hydrating face mask, and it wasn't overly scented by tea tree oil. I would buy this again.

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