Sequoia Handmade Soap 4oz- Stone Canoe

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The Peacemaker knew he had a great mission on earth. He build a canoe from white stone when the time came for him to begin his journey. Begin your daily journey through today's hectic world with a Sequoia Stone Canoe Soap. If you like complex fragrances, then you'll LOOOOVE this one! This one is so hard to describe--it's so very sophisticated upscale and spa-like, just one beautiful fragrance. Does a stone canoe sink or float? We'll leave it up to our customers to find out! The 'stone' color and unisex scent makes the Stone Canoe products perfect for the guys. It's true - they love the products too.

• hydrates dry skin
• made with organic shea butter
• made with organic castor oil
• 98% natural ingredients

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