rory Dawson

Rory Dawson of Kwa Kwa ka Wakw Nation descent (Musgamawg Dzwada enuxw tribe) Kingcome Inlet B.C., and he is of the Mountain goat clan (Ninalk'inuwx)

He was deeply immerse in his cultural heritage at an early age, and has had many oppurtunities in observing many fine artists at work. He is inspired and very grateful for the many artists who are encouraging him in his journey so far. Dawson believes in the importance for artists to learn and remember the stories, teachings, songs and dances of our ancestors, and honour them by passing it on to the next generation of children.

Rory was very instrumental in forming the "Kwa Kwa ka Wakw Nation's Urban Dance Group" in 1993, which is still in existence today. They share songs and dances to educate about the Kwa Kwa ka Wakw Nation's world view, history and culture. They have shared at schools, conferences, graduations, festicals, and fasts. The group was honoured, privileged and enriched to celebrate through song and dance at numerous different occasions such as; youth conferences, Yoreme Festival in Mexico, graduation ceremonis, elders conferences, schools and bagquets.

Currently, he is making his residence in vancouver and striving to enhance his training by studying the Kwa Kwa ka Wakw designs. Dawson is a determined artist; working in the medium of hand engraving by using both gold and silver, but he is working to be an all rounded artist by studying the art of print making, totem carving, and mask carving.

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