Pendleton Blanket - Cedar Mountain

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64" x 80" (163 x 203 cm)
Napped, felt bound
82% pure virgin wool/18% cotton
Dry clean

The Hualapai, or People of the Tall Pines, have been residents of the Grand Canyon region for more than 800 years. Traditionally, they moved between plateau and canyon, hunting game and raising crops wherever water flowed. The Hualapai tell a legend of how a great flood rose, covering Earth in a huge lake of water. No one could move about. Pack-i-tha-a-wi, a Hualapai hero, strode into the water carrying a gigantic flint knife and a heavy wooden club.He plunged the knife into water-covered Earth, using the club to drive it deeper and deeper until a canyon was formed. Through this magnificent canyon, the floodwaters flowed into the Sea of Sunset. The grateful Sun shone down on Pack-i-tha-a-wi’s handiwork, baking the surface into the vibrant colours and fantastic shapes seen today in the Grand Canyon, including Cedar Mountain. Rising to 7,057 feet, this dramatic cedar-covered mesa is part of the Moenkopi Formation on the southeastern side of Grand Canyon National Park.

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