Man Turned to Stone: T'xwelátse

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Man Turned to Stone: T'xwelátse mixed photography, film, performance, oral and written history, and community collaboration—all surrounding Stone T'xwelátse as the central figure. With so many elements, translating the exhibition into a book was a challenge. This challenge parallels that faced by the Stó:lō in maintaining the integrity of the oral narrative while translating knowledge and culture into a form that could/can be understood by their Xwelitem neighbours as they arrived… and arrived… and arrived since the early 1800s, and as they continue to arrive in droves today to settle in S'ólh Téméxw.

In carrying out the transformation from exhibition to book, we maintained a principle of "fixation"—of transferring images and text from the exhibition to the book as directly as possible, maintaining the essence, the core, the structures.

Full information on the exhibit and publication of this book can be found at:

Man Turned to Stone: T'xwelátse in all its forms, including an exhibition, publication, and website, resulted from the collaboration of:
• Stone T'xwelátse • the T'xwelátse family • T'xwelátse (Herb Joe) • Artist David Campion • Sandra Shields • Scott Marsden • David M. Schaepe • Naxaxalhts'i (Albert "Sonny" McHalsie) • Development of the publication and website was assisted by the involvement of: Jan Perrier, Perrier Design: Graphic design and layout • Sandra Bonner-Pederson, Bear Image Productions: Film production, Written in Stone and T'xwelátse Is Finally Home • Kelsie Bonner, Bear Image Productions: Landscape stills from the filming of Written in Stone • Bonny Graham-Krulikie, b.wyse productions: Halq'eméylem calligraphy • Naomi Pauls, Paper Trail Publishing: Copy-editing and proofreading

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