Jared deck

Jared Deck is from the Tzeachten (Ch'íyáqtel) First Nation.  He was born on February 24th 1978 in Maple Ridge BC to David and Colleen Deck. His Grandfather was Arthur Hall from Tzeachten and his Grandmother is Nora Hall (Point) originally from Musqueam.

He considers his artwork to be very contemporary with Traditional Elements; a mixture of new and old styles. Deck is an avid fan of tattoos and tattoo style art and that has defiantly influenced his recent work.  He is also a really big fan of Heavy Metal and Punk Rock, and gets a lot of inspiration out of music. He believes it brings a darker element to his style.

Jared works in the Halq’emeylem language department at Sto:lo Nation, so naturally the language has made its way into the titles of Jared's artwork.

He uses different Mediums; acrylic, markers, pencil, watercolour, digital.  A majority of his work in the past has been done with adobe Illustrator.  Deck is getting more and more into doing everything by hand, and sort of stepping away from the computer. He still uses the computer for logos, graphic design and occasionally to set up an outline on a larger piece.

His Medium of choice right now is Watercolour Pencils and Art Markers. He's having a lot of fun with them right now, and finds they are more convenient than other mediums.
Jared is mainly a self-taught artist, but is always trying to learn new things and strive to improve on the skills that he has.