art shofley

The inspiration for Art’s Pendants comes from his experience with the ancient ceremonies of indigenous people. As a youth and novice in the culture of the Anishinabe, Art saw the pendants made from available materials such as copper, bone and beaded decorations worn by Elders to reflect the beauty of the natural world, and the colours of contemporary life. They became the inspiration for his work and his designs today.

Art has wide experience with intertribal indigenous customs and practices; from woodlands to the coastal tribes, as well as the great North. He has always admired the creativity and resourcefulness that the participants of the various ceremonies and pow wow dancers exhibited in creating their paraphernalia; animals, birds, mythical beings, memories of visions and dreams, and stories of a bygone era as well as the blending of the past, future and present became fused in their decorations.

Each Indian Art Shofley Pendant is unique in keeping with the artistic experience. Although his origins are deep rooted in the Aboriginal community, he wishes to share his talents and vision with all people;  incorporating elements of the history and mythology of other cultures, from Celtic to African – remembering that all are connected in the web of life on Mother Earth.

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